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lwym's Journal

Living Within Your Means
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Welcome! This community is for YOU, the average person, who is struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck. You may have bills that go unpaid, owe money for back taxes, medical bills, student loans, or may just want to save some money and establish better spending goals. If you want to learn to save more by spending less then this is the place for you!

This is a community for people who want to learn and share ideas about saving money, budgeting, and frugal lifestyles. Feel free to post links to penny pincher websites, tips, frugal recipes, etc.

I hope that this group can challenge one another to stick to their budget and spend less money!

This is an open community. I hope that it can remain this way. Please be kind to others. You may have a different situation than they do. Listen…you might just learn something!

Our goal here is to encourage each other to save more by spending less!

Unless you are promoting something that will help the other members to save earn money, please do not post here. This means that promoting your ebay auctions, while they may be a great way for you to earn money, is not appropriate for this community. Thank you!

Money/Time Saving Tip Of The Week - www.cheapskatemonthly.com