ldegoth (ldegoth) wrote in lwym,

good day all

intro post here .i have already declared bankruptry..so we won't go into that.
right now i'm 1192 in current debt, 2 credit cards and one bill me later thing. (which needs to be done and gone by 1/1/09) now minimum payments on cc's are 30 i've been paying 45. but with our monthly expenses i haven't been able to add in anything over that. now here's the kicker, i have 162 supposedly left over after bills. where the heck is the money going? i honestly have no clue. and i'm very annoyed at myself by this.
i'm wishing i didn't have to pick up the p/t job since i'm looking towards going back to school. but since i'm pretty sure i won't be able(i think i missed the deadline) till winter..it's appearing to be a good idea right now.
so i joined this community to help be a little more accountable to what i'm doing with our money.
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