Sniggity-niggity-noinch! (heywood417) wrote in lwym,

Secret Code for Delivery Drivers?

I was listening to Dave Ramsey's show on Tuesday afternoon (something I don't get to do as much as I'd like anymore--my job has me out of town and out in the field about 70% of the time since Christmas), and I heard Dave mention an email from a listener about the "Secret Code" for Pizza Delivery Drivers...

...since he recommends delivering pizzas as a 2nd job for people trying to make additional money to pay down debt, he says when you order pizza, you should ask your delivery person how they're doing, and if they answer "Better than I deserve," that means they're also a Ramsey listener. And he's challenged his listeners that if they do run across that situation, and they themselves are in a good place financially, they should "pay it forward" and give that delivery person an extra-nice tip to help them out.

GAH! I REALLY wish he had had this Code about 5 years ago! I first started listening to Dave when I was 22, a senior in undergrad, working two jobs with a full load of courses, and up to my eyeballs in debt. I listened to Dave's show every day while I was delivering, and threw every extra penny at my debt. I delivered pizzas for 3 years as a 2nd job.

Now I'm one year out of my masters...I have a great job and a great income, and I'm expecting to FINALLY pay off my last credit card by the end of this month.

OH HOW I WISH they'd had something like that while I was delivering. Perhaps I could have paid off my debts at age 23 or 24, rather than age 27! :D

But I guarantee I'll be asking my delivery person How they're doing the next time I order. Granted, I already tip very well (because I've done that job, and I know EXACTLY how horrible it can be), but I'll be happy to help another Ramsey fan along in their debt struggles.
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